Thursday, September 30, 2010


I finally finished my first french excercise I got a seventy percent and then I did another practice and I got a
90 percent  It was good. Mostly I already know how to say guirl-fille, man-homme, boy- garcon mostly its the basic things im getting it. I also got to pay off a fine from my school which Im glad I already did because now I can take some classes i know its kind of late but the good thing is there are some classes that havent even started yet and so im hoping to get into them. Im also working now which is a good thing since Ive been looking for a job since last year it sounds like a lot of time but yeah! I basically write how-to articles about different things for a website called emergingcast.com I just finished one on how to look good for prom and im going to start another one on how to carve a turkey so i have to finish it by Oct. 7 and they will review them and if they accept them then I will get payed so its great!

Friday, September 24, 2010

My french learning!

Hello my friends,

Well lately Ive been learning a new languague from time to time and that languague is french yeah I know its
kind of hard at first but when you keep on practicing it starts getting easier to learn and continue practicing
Im actually taking a course from this website called livemocha its actually a good website you get to choose what languague you want to learn and its also free which I like a lot. Its interactive you have different people helping you out and you also get to do excersices and practice the nouns, verbs, places in france its really interesting I like it its actually my first time speaking french I only know english and spanish and I want to learn a third languague because I wan to be a make-up artist and I wan to travel like what if I end up going one day to france you may never know so I wan to be ready:))

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The fast fall pin up look!

This look has been done by kandee herself she is a make-up artist for tv,print and hollywood she is a wonderful person and a talented make-up artist you can learn more about her story and if you want to watch
more of her make-up tutorials go to her you tube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/kandeejonhson get to know her at her website http://www.kandeethemakeupartist.blog... hope you like the video!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some of the places Id like to visit!!!!

Well today I want to do a blogg post on something about where I would like to go visit when I
start traveling. I would like to go to Spain,Romania,England,Mexico to visit my family again I havent seen
them in a long time now I only talk to them on facebook but thats about it,Argentina,Bolivia,Panama,Brasil,
Canada,Ireland,France thats why I am learning french of course,Costa Rica and Israel.

I mainly want to go to those places to know more about their culture,religion and food also the languague if I
can hahahah!

But one day I know I will be able to go to one of these places:)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Part 2

Hello Im back again now again for the other part of my blogg post still talking about the song "catch me if you can" by burnham as I was telling you yesterday well he wanted to be with me but at the same time he wanted to avoid me and even though I tried a lot of times to tell him that I liked him a lot and that he liked me but that he was shy it still did not work out its like he was denying my love so I ran away from him as a bird runs away from his cage to be free with nature and to be happy. It has taken me some time to forget about him and the love that I had for him but it has been worth it because I now know that he wasnt for me and that there is someone else out there who will like me also and accept my love.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Im back!!!:))

Hello my friends!!!

Well its been a while now since ive written about my experiences or what im into right now but dont worry there is always a next time for everything. Well lately im into a boy band yeah well this is like the second boy band ive band ive been into I also like another band their name is allstar weekend their awesome I soooooo love their songs a lot especially "a different side of me" and "dance forever" dance forever is one of their upbeat songs to dance to anyways back to the new boy band well their called burnham its a band of three brothers their names are alex,forrest, and andre I love their new song :"catch me if you can" this song is part of their new debut cd thats going to come out in october so im excited for that of course. I dont know I feel weird now that im into boy bands but at the same time its a good thing because that show that I am discovering something new instead of only the same things over and over. Well about their song "catch me if you can" I like to listen to it a lot of times because it reminds me of something that happened to me in the past about love you see I fell in love with this guy in tenth grade and he liked me also but he rejected me so it kind of goes on with that song. Well ill tell you more about the song tommorrow ok.