Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Im Always Waiting for you!

Im always waiting
around for you everywhere I go

Im always thinking about your smile
and when I see it in my head
I start to wonder about all the
things that happened between us.

But for once Ive
decided to forget
and stop dreaming
a fairy tale.

For once Ive got to
open my eyes into reality
and believe in myself that
im more like a shooting star
with dreams inside, and
with that.

I'll have the strenght to show
you what ive got in
my heart.
Is that I love you! ooooh oh
Is that I love, love you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to live happy and get over your bad days!:)

Hello everyone well its me again and I just want to give you some words of inspiration today that anyone can
use because I know everyone at some point in their own life have a bad day or they have gone thrue soooo much and they are down and the problems affect them a lot and thats not good at all. I think that in order to be a positive person you have to stop the sadness and fear and you have to say "hey tis is not me I am alive and I am healthy and god brought me to this world for a purpose. I mean if you are depressed or hurt there are people that can help you your family, friends or maybe even god those are the people you can count on
and if you are one of those people that dont have any of those people then go to a counselor or a teacher if you talk to someone about how you feel or whats going on then all of that sadness and negativity will slip away it will leave your soul and spirit and you will start to feel good inside and do a lot of good things so dont ever feel alone no matter what the circumtances there is always someone who can be there for you in the goods and bads.