Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Im back!!!:))

Hello my friends!!!

Well its been a while now since ive written about my experiences or what im into right now but dont worry there is always a next time for everything. Well lately im into a boy band yeah well this is like the second boy band ive band ive been into I also like another band their name is allstar weekend their awesome I soooooo love their songs a lot especially "a different side of me" and "dance forever" dance forever is one of their upbeat songs to dance to anyways back to the new boy band well their called burnham its a band of three brothers their names are alex,forrest, and andre I love their new song :"catch me if you can" this song is part of their new debut cd thats going to come out in october so im excited for that of course. I dont know I feel weird now that im into boy bands but at the same time its a good thing because that show that I am discovering something new instead of only the same things over and over. Well about their song "catch me if you can" I like to listen to it a lot of times because it reminds me of something that happened to me in the past about love you see I fell in love with this guy in tenth grade and he liked me also but he rejected me so it kind of goes on with that song. Well ill tell you more about the song tommorrow ok.