Friday, September 24, 2010

My french learning!

Hello my friends,

Well lately Ive been learning a new languague from time to time and that languague is french yeah I know its
kind of hard at first but when you keep on practicing it starts getting easier to learn and continue practicing
Im actually taking a course from this website called livemocha its actually a good website you get to choose what languague you want to learn and its also free which I like a lot. Its interactive you have different people helping you out and you also get to do excersices and practice the nouns, verbs, places in france its really interesting I like it its actually my first time speaking french I only know english and spanish and I want to learn a third languague because I wan to be a make-up artist and I wan to travel like what if I end up going one day to france you may never know so I wan to be ready:))