Thursday, September 30, 2010


I finally finished my first french excercise I got a seventy percent and then I did another practice and I got a
90 percent  It was good. Mostly I already know how to say guirl-fille, man-homme, boy- garcon mostly its the basic things im getting it. I also got to pay off a fine from my school which Im glad I already did because now I can take some classes i know its kind of late but the good thing is there are some classes that havent even started yet and so im hoping to get into them. Im also working now which is a good thing since Ive been looking for a job since last year it sounds like a lot of time but yeah! I basically write how-to articles about different things for a website called emergingcast.com I just finished one on how to look good for prom and im going to start another one on how to carve a turkey so i have to finish it by Oct. 7 and they will review them and if they accept them then I will get payed so its great!