Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Tu Carcel" song by a rock band (los Enanitos verdes) poem version

Estamos los dos solos juntos
y en tus ojos me dices
que quieres llorar y ami me
destroza que pienses asi
y mas que ahora me quede sin ti
y mas me duele
lo que tu vas a sufrir, ya
no llores y solo
recuerda que nadien es perfecto
y tu lo veras mas de mil cosas
mejores tendras
pero carino sincero jamas
asi es la vida, si de en verdad
tu queires cambiar vete
olvidando de lo que hoy dejas
atras. Sigue tu propio camino y olvidate
de lo negativo manten tu
mente abierta porque simpre hay
possibilidades de seguir adelante.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your love

Your love is so deep to me
so fine. I cant get you out of my
head ,
out of my heart this feels like a
dream but it's true
I feel your warmth in my body
and soul
radiating something special
about you.
I dont know what it is but I like it.
There is no point in forgetting it
no point in denying it
I just want you to love me in a real
good way,
I just want you to kiss me with
your sweet soft lips
I want to know who you are
because only then I can discover whats real.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Un caminar de suenos (Dream Walk)

This is a poem that I wrote in english but I just wanted to translate it into spanish
I did the best I could well hope you all like it.

Yo voy caminando cada dia bajo el
mismo rumbo
un rumbo lleno de sorpresas
lleno de escapes a donde
yo pueda ir cuando
este sola o cuando me sienta
Para mi no solo es una simple
regular sino una caminata
de suenos donde yo encuentre
mi futuro y veo
mis suenos
yo misma encuentro quien
quier ser y como quiero ser
conocida mi caminata
de suenos me lleva a una calle
de suenos donde
conozco a nuevas personas
y nuevos lugares no conocidos
Me hace sentir calmada llevandome
a otro mundo y haci es
como yo quiero estar.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time to turn things around

I am at this room and all
of a sudden I start thinking to

Where did I go?
What was I doing?
What was I thinking?

I am glad to know that I
did wrong in the past,
no time to think about what
I should, could, or would
have done I will forget them.

Now I have the chance the time
to turn things around and change to fly
with intelligence and never give up or look

This is my time to shine and be
smart to enjoy this chance given to me.
It is my time to turn things around.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A lot of lies

This girl living in the world
just like others
she has rules to live by set
up by her parents.
Goes to school in which she
socializes with
individuals although deep
down she has a
swormful of lies that she hides
away from people
around her to
her it does not matter
what she cares about is keeping
the secret lies
But what she does not know
of is that sooner or later
her lies will spill
out slowly and she wont know
what to do until all
her sins of being a lier are

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My childhood aunt

In memory of my favorite wonderful childhood aunt you will always be in my heart.

She was thoughtful she was caring
she was all I ever wanted
during my childhood years,
she was my guardian angel my
sun of happiness
instilling me creativity,
and positivity in every single
I could remember the touch of her
hand the color of her eyes
and her presence as to her
character they were
all things I admired from her
even though she is not
with me anymore
she will always have a special
place in my mind that will
never die it will always
stay strong forever.

-Jennifer 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Irreplasable love

Meaning to my poem- Sometimes love knocks us hard but at the same time it is what makes us stronger individuals then before. Love is a very hard word and feeling for us humans to face and sometimes it is good and then other times bad but in the end it's worth it. If it is a lost love that we experience then we must learn to let it go and leave it to god don't keep it to yourself only time will tell.

As I met you I started to fall
in love with you
it was inevitable you give sparkle,
and laugh every time
you are around now I have to
thank-you for noticing me
all along.
You woke me up from the
walls of darkness,
that stayed with me in
loneliness now that you are
with someone else
I can't be in love with you anymore.
I will only see you as a dear friend
in my heart and soul,
I will be strong as you will
stay in my heart and memory

The Disaster

It felt like the end of
the world
was near in sight.
Looking and listening to
what had happened,
to me it was a frightful sight
from beginning to end
the earth shaking,
in the midst's of it all
mumbling angrily,
as people scramble all
together to find
refuge and safety.
Their faces tracing their
tears full of
and the fear
screaming for help!
but after all in the end
there comes a rainbow
of faith which
fills people with strenght
and unity for a path
of recovery.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dream Walk

I go walking every single day
down the same road
to the same path
a path full of surprises
full of escapes to where
I can go when I am
alone or when I feel
I call it not a
simple regular
walk but instead a
dream walk
where I find myself and who
I want to be known for.
My dream walk
takes me to a dream

street where I notice
new people and places
not known before it keeps
me calm taking me to
another world and that's
how I want it to stay.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is my blog!

schadenfreude refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach     

This is my blog!

Schadenfreude refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lost Love

Sometimes love can hurt but it is what makes us stronger as a person.

As I met you I started to
fall in love with you
it was inevitable you give
sparkle and laugh every time
you are around.
Now I have to thank-you
for noticing me all along
you woke me up from
the walls of darkness
that stayed with me in loneliness
but now that you are with
someone else.
I can't be in love with you
I'll see you as a friend and
you will stay in my heart,
and soul I will be strong for
you will always have a
special place in my mind
forever and always I will never
forget you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Fireworks are bright and shiny.

Firework, oh firework!
you light up in the sky
as if it was the fourth of july
always cheerful never
sad when I see you close
to my eyes you explode
letting out all of your
excitement with a
loud bang! man now
that was loud just like the
lighting that is screaming
loud during a storm.
Yeah you fireworks are used
for entertaintment you
are different than that with
many sizes and colors
you are a symbol of freedom and

Monday, May 2, 2011


A poem about hatred and enemies in the world.

I dont want you,
but you don't want me
what can I do
I don't want to be your
In this world of hatred
and violence
that we both live in
today it's the
21st century.
I know but still we
should not be enemies
what's the use God tells us
to love one another
without poison on the heart
we might not get along
me and you.
But I just want to
understand you so come
on with me let's get
a long I don't want to be
your enemy no more.


Your eyes drown
into mine

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


these are all the things connected
to love.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whimping Willow

Whimping willow,
Whimping willow,
why do you cry for your
sorrows all the time
sometimes it makes me
wonder if you can
ever reach the mountain
of happiness. Always into
your problems never a
time to be calm so open up
your heart and,
soul to the air
let it catch you every
step of the way never
denying your true self
and never hiding sadness or