Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lost Love

Sometimes love can hurt but it is what makes us stronger as a person.

As I met you I started to
fall in love with you
it was inevitable you give
sparkle and laugh every time
you are around.
Now I have to thank-you
for noticing me all along
you woke me up from
the walls of darkness
that stayed with me in loneliness
but now that you are with
someone else.
I can't be in love with you
I'll see you as a friend and
you will stay in my heart,
and soul I will be strong for
you will always have a
special place in my mind
forever and always I will never
forget you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Fireworks are bright and shiny.

Firework, oh firework!
you light up in the sky
as if it was the fourth of july
always cheerful never
sad when I see you close
to my eyes you explode
letting out all of your
excitement with a
loud bang! man now
that was loud just like the
lighting that is screaming
loud during a storm.
Yeah you fireworks are used
for entertaintment you
are different than that with
many sizes and colors
you are a symbol of freedom and

Monday, May 2, 2011


A poem about hatred and enemies in the world.

I dont want you,
but you don't want me
what can I do
I don't want to be your
In this world of hatred
and violence
that we both live in
today it's the
21st century.
I know but still we
should not be enemies
what's the use God tells us
to love one another
without poison on the heart
we might not get along
me and you.
But I just want to
understand you so come
on with me let's get
a long I don't want to be
your enemy no more.


Your eyes drown
into mine