Thursday, September 8, 2011

Irreplasable love

Meaning to my poem- Sometimes love knocks us hard but at the same time it is what makes us stronger individuals then before. Love is a very hard word and feeling for us humans to face and sometimes it is good and then other times bad but in the end it's worth it. If it is a lost love that we experience then we must learn to let it go and leave it to god don't keep it to yourself only time will tell.

As I met you I started to fall
in love with you
it was inevitable you give sparkle,
and laugh every time
you are around now I have to
thank-you for noticing me
all along.
You woke me up from the
walls of darkness,
that stayed with me in
loneliness now that you are
with someone else
I can't be in love with you anymore.
I will only see you as a dear friend
in my heart and soul,
I will be strong as you will
stay in my heart and memory

The Disaster

It felt like the end of
the world
was near in sight.
Looking and listening to
what had happened,
to me it was a frightful sight
from beginning to end
the earth shaking,
in the midst's of it all
mumbling angrily,
as people scramble all
together to find
refuge and safety.
Their faces tracing their
tears full of
and the fear
screaming for help!
but after all in the end
there comes a rainbow
of faith which
fills people with strenght
and unity for a path
of recovery.