Monday, January 30, 2012

CorpoVlogs Channel and the reason why Im into blogging a lot now!

So today i want to talk about a favorite youtube channel  that I found out about on youtube they are called CorpoVlogs as you can see it in my blog tittle up above. CorpoVlogs is a video blogging place where all people that create video blogs get together to talk about different types of topics it can be about anything in particular for example a certain type of issue that is going on rioght now around the world, a holiday, friends, love, fashion, a celebrity almost anything you can think of  these bloggers that are involved in CorpoVlogs they will talk about it and make a video of it all at one time. CorpoVlogs started their youtube channel last year in May 23, 2011 the channel of views that right now it currently has is 6,576 views which is a lot more than what my channel has hahaha! its uploadable views is between 12,937 which means that they have done more videos than the one's ive seen so far and the problem is they got erased so I am not able to see them since they were from last year and i still did not know anything about them which sucks because I would really like to see their first video of when they started and the rest of them as well I think that would be cool and interesting:) .
    They are based everywhere in Mexico thats why they are famous there a lot of people watch their videos. What I like about this channel is that for each day a different video blogger is on the channel and they entertain you with their hilarious comments, jokes and acting sure sometimes they can be mean and have a lot of badwords but in the end they talk about real stuff that happens in life and things that are happening so its not only about fun and games and I decided to do a blogg entry about the channel because ever since Ive been seeing their blogging videos Ive been more and more into blogging and making a commitment to myself and my blogg to post a new entry everyday or at least two times a week to improve on it. Ive also realized that blogging or being a blogger is one of the most creative, funnest and great thing you can do being a blogger is not only about posting a new entry each day or every time you can a blogg entry says things about you it can inspire other people that read it in your blog everytime they go to it other times it can help and it can help you express yourself your own voice and show others around the world who you are as a person since there are a lot of things that you can talk about in a blog and I am proud to feel that and to even know it. The Corpovlogs channel has helped me see that and more and im glad that the channel exists eventhoug i dont know the people personally but the only thing i know is that i dedicate this blog entry to them because they have opened my mind to some stuff that I did not even know of and because of the effort and fun that they put on videos they make my day less boring and they make me laugh. Thanks you guys so much!!!:)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Firstdayofclasses and winter break

Well how are you people again so winter break is over for me and classes started again which means that today I am going to be busy again for some time. I mean im not going to lie winter break was awesome i got to go to a new place , go to a lot of christmas parties and talk to different people that I have not seen in a while. I was also happy to talk to this guy friend that i met last year i missed talking to him i had not seen him since november and we were messaging each other for some days he told me about his winter break so far and how he has been and what he was doing his working season already finished so he was at home all the time and volunteering for a few hours. Then another thing that happened to me on winter break was ok this guy that I had been messaging to before on facebook and on yahoo he was like I want to meet you he lives in a city called montebello and so at first he was just like hello and then i just replied back with a hello but i was not planning on talking to him or anything because I was just like whetever so then i just forgot all about it i was not even thinking about it for a while  then when winter break was almost going to start he send me a message saying do u want to hang-out and I was like ok yeah and so then he asked me when can we? and what time? I told him the day and on wha time so then after that we both agreed on the day and time. Then he told me to meet him at montebello park and so i told him ok then ill be there.

Guess what I live in la habra I dont live next to him and so after looking for the park on google i had to write down the dirrections for it so that way I can go. So when the day came I was kind of confused to where I was suppossed to be going etc. Until i finally found out where the park and the city are now i know how to get there. But the thing is it takes three hours to get there from where I live so i had to walk a lot and use the bus that takes all the way to the park where he lives.

Anyways my point is I went there many many times for him because I really wanted to meet him in person I mean he sounded like a cool and fun guy to hang-out with he had told me some stuff about him when we would message each other he would even tell me that he really liked me and that he wanted to be my bf but in the end on the last time that i went he seemed to be just playing with me he did not take me seriously everything he told me was a lie a fake and I feel like telling him that to his face and I would i would not even care cause its the trhuth he ditched me obviously he is ditcher but oh well im thru with him for now but i just wish him good luck with his life cause i think he is going to need it alot xD.

Well that was how my winter break went! ps. and I forgot to mention that I also ate tamales again i really missed eating them idk it was like three years without eating them they were good and delicious they were de dulce con pasas, rajas con queso, pollo con chile:).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The memory of my first kiss xD

Ive been thingking a lot about how my first kiss was so i decided to post it on here I mean before I would think it was a groce experience but now that Ive had the experience of kissing someone for the first time I have to say it one of the most beautiful experiences Ive ever had and the first time can always be nerve racking but if you are really down for it and you really like the person then it wont be that bad. For me it was with a guy that i had known for awhile we would hang out  and talk he would tell me about his life, dreams, his family what he likes to do for fun, his friends and alot of other things. Well now for the exciting part we were both alone hugging each other and cuddling this was all really new to me so I would feel weird about it but then it actually felt good like if he was warming me his skin was soft so was mine:) then he would stare at me and i would be like all freaked out like why do keep on staring at me?? a lot cause i usually dont like it when people stare at me idk it just annoys me lol so then i asked him i was like what's wrong? why do u keep on staring at me? so then he was like never mind i wont say it then i was like no just tell me i want to know then he said it i want to kiss u and i got happy but at the same time scared cause i had not done that before kiss a guy not even in high school sure this guy that was in several of my classes used to like me but we never got that close with each other.  So then I was thinking about it in my head i was like what if i mess up or what if i bite one of his lips or something goes wrong and he dumps me :/ so yeah but then i started thinking ok maybe it wont be that bad after all and anyways he does seem to like u he is a nice guy and i had talked to him before so what do i got to loose. So then I told him why not till wendsday and he was like awww why? and i told him that i felt i was not ready and that i wanted to make things good so then he said ok then. When wendsday came i was excited to see him again and be able to kiss someone for the first time:) so eventhough it was last year in october hahaha i still remember it good it will be in my memory forever cause it was special so anyways we both hugged each other and we finally kissed and i was surprised when he told me that im a good kisser i was like wow and really and i thought i was not going to be good at it but the best part was that it was with a nice, caring and understandable guy and im happy for that. We are not together anymore but he will always be my #1 as the first person i kissed. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quiereme como soy! - a song by Paulina rubio

Cuando tu sientas calor sin saber porque
esquee ay alguien desde lejos piensa en ti
Cuando duermas en tu cama y mi
llama te quemo alguien te busca
Yo te quiero en la distancia
colgada de my stress
entre mares y ciudades yo te
busco en donde estes
no se muy bien tu nombre ni en donde
te vere.
Yo quiero quiero
quiero que me quieras como soy
quiero que me quieras porque si
un palacio en el espacio solo
para ti.
Sueno que me suenas en color
viviendo y desviviendote por mi
para ti todo my amor
todo mi amor.
Quiero que me quieras como soy
busco por las calles tu inicial m tu mirada en un papel
y te llamo y te reclamo donde estas, contestame
No se nada de tu cuerpo, ni tus ojos, ni tus labios, ni tu piel.

Quiero que me quieras como soy (Yo quiero que me quieras como soy)
Quiero que me quieras porque si (Como soy)
tu palcio en el espacio
solo para ti (solo para ti)
Sueno que me suenas en color (sueno que me suenas)
Para ti todo mi amor (todo mi amor).

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My favorite new song - from a new band (Love Star)!

Felicidad is one of my  favorite new song from my favorites list now I actually added it there barely it comes from a band called Love star I found out about this song on youtube froma guy that I have as a friend there well anyways I was curious about the song and so when I first heard it I really listened to the lyrics of the song and its inspirational it talks a lot about happinness and what all of us as human beings can create when we use that power and open up to people in that way. The music video is really nice also and it shows a boy that is out in the street and he makes the hearts made out of red paper and in the hearts he adds in a star shape in them and he gives them out to different people that pass by. Usually nobody does that these days that does not exist at all that much but if that happened then I guess that this world would be a little bit more different there would not be a lot of problems, people would be able to respect each other and their differences.