Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You are a shame

I sacrificed my time for you walked
a thousand miles
just to see your face your smile
but you pushed me away
without your presence,
without your eyes.
It kills me inside
but you dont care because
you dont really love me
what a shame so stop playing your
old dirty games
because they do not go with
you no more.
I wanted more with you but
you were too blind
What a shame
you are a shame.
So forget the stories because
I wont believe them anymore
what a shame
you are a shame
Sure I was stupid before in
liking you but now I am
over you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Live with integrity, respect others and follow your heart".

Friday, February 17, 2012

What Valentine's day means to me!

I know this may seem kind of late to talk about this eventhough it was on tuesday but I dont care because in my opinion valentines day should be celebrated everyday of the year it's all about love and showing your appreciation for someone that you really love. Valentines day is not only about girlfriend and boyfriend love. Its also about showing your love and appeciation to your friends, family or simply to a random stranger that ou see walk by in the street or at the mall it may sound kindof weird but believe it or not a simple small act of love such as a hug or a simple hello you can change the person's life forever. I think we all need to remind ourselves that love never ends that its always going to be there next to us in our life if we have faith and optimistic and everyone deserves to be loved.

Boo from Monsters Inc.

Mysterious love

The day I first saw you
I saw your face
I felt your hands clasp lose to
mine as we walked
down the path to a
mysterious love that makes
me think of you
that makes me wonder
what you are feeling or thinking.
While were sitting side by side,
i feel your arms hugging me
while I  hear your sweet
voice ring like bells go down
into my skin.
There you are tickling me but
where are your words,
those true words you did not
say to me.

Ive been waiting for them
but you leave me with an empty plate and
with a broken heart
with nothing more to say
nothing more to think.
Or I dont know you are still
forever in my mind.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I finnally met him yesterdayx))

My zodiac fairy (cancer)

My zodiac sign poem ( june 22- july 22- October 24- November 22 and Pisces- February 20- March 20;

It's been several days now that I have not posted something new in here and Im sorry if I havent I know that in my last entry I said I was going to post something new every two days each week but enough said maybe a deserve a spanking or something for not posting but oh well im going to try my hardest for sure but its cause I have been having other things on my mind and Ive been seeing friends and doing important things but now here is a zodiac poem that I found out about from this website just click on the link if ur interested http://www.edbeardjr.com/store/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/443?osCsid=bd74ccfc9749ba48aef168f9a1d59. My element is water since my birthday is in June 26 and Im cancer btw:))


                                                                                             As a water sign  you are wishful and dreamy
                                                                                             Emotions running through you so full of empathy
                                                                                             Your heart fills with compassion to the depths of your soul 
                                                                                             And it is the tides of your moods that you must control
                                                                                             You are artistic and enchanting in a helpful way
                                                                                             With psychic intuition you know just what to say
                                                                                             The matters of your heart run deep with mystery
                                                                                              You truly could be fine forever in a world of fantasy.

There are other elements also for example earth, air, and fire but I really liked mine because when i read it I feel  like i can identify with my zodiac poem. The reason why it realtes to me is because it describes some of the characteristics that I have im artistic i like things that have to do with art for example art, theater, dance and music I like expressing myself, I am helpful I like to help people but not like in exaggeration because then people might take advantage of you. Sometimes I follow my intuition like I know what to say in order for things to come out right and then do it. I am a mysterious person sometimes so it totally says who i am as a person which i really like:)