Friday, December 21, 2012

The history behind birthstones

The history of how the birthstones became to be is that it came from an ancient time in bible history it starts back with Aaron as told in the bible book of Exodus the breastplate was a place of religion garment that included the twelve gemstones each had a representation of the twelve tribes of the region of Israel. All of these gems as you will notice is that they are set in rows of three as: sardius, topaz, carbuncle; emerald, sapphire (one of my favorites), diamond, ligure, agate, amethyst, beryl, onyx and finally jasper.
So now the question that is popping in my head is how did the gemstones represent the twelve tribes of the region of Israel? well it is all said in the writings of Flavius Josephus plus the ones from St. Jerome these two are what started the whole idea of the 12 stones of breastplace and also the 12 stones of the zodiac. So that's the reason why each stone was meant to have some sort of special powers based on each of their assigned astrological zodiac sign and that if a person was wearing the stone at the right time then that person would have therapeutic or talismanic good.
The birthstone concept
For this to work out you have to have the 12 different gemstones with their zodiac signs on them for each one and also wear the birthstones on the right ascendancy of the time that is set similar to the zodiac tradition that India has which is kind of different because they have 9 gemstones with 9 planets all of their gems are signified by a person's health and each individuals challenges that are faced in their life. People came up with the idea of always wearing the gemstones based on the month of the persons birthday it is said that it came from the 18th century in Poland when some of the Jewish people that would trade the gems came the name of each birthstone were not created until the year of 1912 those names for the stones came from the national association of jewelers in the USA.
The names of each stone have not been changed ever since the year of 1912 but anonymously there have been times before that the names were almost going to change. For example the American gem association in the year of 2002 explained that they had chosen the name of tanzanite for the month of December selling birth gemstones was a way to make business since a lot of people seem to be amazed by the supposed magical powers of these gems.

In the end

A company called TanzaniteOne LTD wanted to use their main name for a birthstone not only that but the company wanted for this gem to be something more than the others they wanted it to be special when they came up with the idea of giving it to every child that was born no matter on what month they were born. TanzaniteOne also came up with the slogan of " Be born to Tanzanite", they also used Masai tribal birth practices as a way to end the production of birthstones.

Some descriptions of two birthstones

Friday, December 14, 2012

Reality TV has changed the entertaintment industry for better or worse

Reality TV was not around in the past it is something that has evolved over the years it is a type of
show that delivers what happens in real life from a real person's point of view. Reality TV. has changed the entertainment industry for the better is by three reasons : real people that see the different type of reality shows can relate to it, give life lessons, help people understand the real side of celebrities.

Some of the best reality TV shows that I would choose that can make people like it and relate to it at the same time would be 16 and pregnant, and catfish these two TV shows are similar for the fact that they are both reality TV shows but in another way their audience of viewers is quite different. 16 and pregnant talks about the life of pregnant teenage girls and the challenges that they have to face in the real world as young mothers which talks good about reality TV because it helps other teen mothers that are going thru the same thing to make good choices it also let's them know that they are not alone. Finally it may also tell other teen girls that it's not good being pregnant at a young age. While for Catfish the show tells stories about individuals that met online started talking to each other out of nowhere and then began to have a relationship online but for some reason they don't meet because the other person does not want to or the other person that you really want to meet might be lying to you without even you noticing it so its a lot of dilemmas that one has to pay attention to.

So in conclusion reality TV has changed for the better why? because it has given real people the chance to express themselves about other people or about a situation that they are dealing with. It has also changed for the better for the fact that it  helps people that are on the show think and reflect on how they can change towards someone or the life challenges that happen moreover it also can change the viewers life forever and see things a whole new way than they did before sure everyone can say their  own point of view and say their own opinions but its the lessons that reality TV shows have that count since those morals can have an impact on people.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Health benefits of drinking lemon water

I love drinking lemon water because of it's sweet taste and for the fact that the juice from the lemons does not taste bad when its mixed with the water and sugar its a pleasant drink but it also has some health benefits that you might have not known of.
Some facts about lemon water before we start :
  • Helps keep your skin clear and glowy
  • Helps with your digestive system
  • Helps maintain your weight
  • Controls your coffee drinking
  • Helps you be refreshed
Good for the stomach-
The lemon juice is a benefit to your stomach if the juice is done with hot water. Some of the conditions that it helps with are for nausea, heartburn, parasites and this type of juice has all of the qualities to clean your digestive system if it is drank everyday. The bowels are the ones that take away the waste from your stomach much better. In other words lemon juice can also be a juice that is able to purify blood and be a cleansing juice as well the drinking of lemon juice can also help with constipation, relieve hiccups it also acts as a juice to help the liver function more properly for example when your food is being digested the juice helps the liver make more bile.
Its good for your skin-
Believe it or not lemon is an antiseptic medicine since it ca fix any problems that your skin may have lemon water is full f vitamin C which is a chemical that helps to enhance your skin more so it can look clear and good at the same time if you drink it everyday you will start seeing a difference in how your skin looks like when you see it. Another thing to know about lemon water is that it can also be used to heal any burns or scars that you may have because the lemon in the water juice can lower the burning feeling.
Teeth health-
Lemon juice is also a good benefit for your teeth it can serve well enough for toothaches by taking away the hurt in the tooth when you massage your teeth with lemon juice it stops the bleeding. It also takes away bad breath from your mouth and with any gum issues.
Saves the throat from infections-
Consuming lemons is good for the fighting of throat infections that may arise in times. So in order to fix any infections on your throat this is what you can do take one- half of lemon juice with one half of water and then just gurgle carefully.
A benefit for weight loss-
The best thing that you can do if you really want to loose weight is by simply drinking lemon juice. If you mix the lemon juice with some of lukewarm water added with honey then this also helps.
Reduces the high blood pressure-
Lemon water has this substance called highpotassium content which helps in preventing dizziness, nausea, bring relaxation to mind and body it is also good for your mental and stress health.
Cures respiratory illnesses-
This drink works wonders with a person that has breathing issues and it also revives a person suffering from asthma.
It is good for rheumatism-
If you did not know before about lemon juice is that it cures people that have rheumatism and arthritis and it also takes away all of the bacteria plus the toxins that may be inside the body.

Combats the fever-
Next time when you are suffering from the cold instead of only taking the medicine that your doctor gaved you try drinking lemon juice for the fact that it helps to flush out the bacteria and toxic.
Becomes a blood purifier-
Some types of diseases that can be cured with lemon water are malaria and cholera. Lemon water is a drink that contains anti-oxidants and vitamin C which prevents formation of free radicals another thing to know is that these radicals can cause death of the cells and steal the electrons.
Lemon water not only cures malaria and cholera but also the cold, flue or any symptoms of fever.