Sunday, January 8, 2012

My favorite new song - from a new band (Love Star)!

Felicidad is one of my  favorite new song from my favorites list now I actually added it there barely it comes from a band called Love star I found out about this song on youtube froma guy that I have as a friend there well anyways I was curious about the song and so when I first heard it I really listened to the lyrics of the song and its inspirational it talks a lot about happinness and what all of us as human beings can create when we use that power and open up to people in that way. The music video is really nice also and it shows a boy that is out in the street and he makes the hearts made out of red paper and in the hearts he adds in a star shape in them and he gives them out to different people that pass by. Usually nobody does that these days that does not exist at all that much but if that happened then I guess that this world would be a little bit more different there would not be a lot of problems, people would be able to respect each other and their differences.