Thursday, January 19, 2012

The memory of my first kiss xD

Ive been thingking a lot about how my first kiss was so i decided to post it on here I mean before I would think it was a groce experience but now that Ive had the experience of kissing someone for the first time I have to say it one of the most beautiful experiences Ive ever had and the first time can always be nerve racking but if you are really down for it and you really like the person then it wont be that bad. For me it was with a guy that i had known for awhile we would hang out  and talk he would tell me about his life, dreams, his family what he likes to do for fun, his friends and alot of other things. Well now for the exciting part we were both alone hugging each other and cuddling this was all really new to me so I would feel weird about it but then it actually felt good like if he was warming me his skin was soft so was mine:) then he would stare at me and i would be like all freaked out like why do keep on staring at me?? a lot cause i usually dont like it when people stare at me idk it just annoys me lol so then i asked him i was like what's wrong? why do u keep on staring at me? so then he was like never mind i wont say it then i was like no just tell me i want to know then he said it i want to kiss u and i got happy but at the same time scared cause i had not done that before kiss a guy not even in high school sure this guy that was in several of my classes used to like me but we never got that close with each other.  So then I was thinking about it in my head i was like what if i mess up or what if i bite one of his lips or something goes wrong and he dumps me :/ so yeah but then i started thinking ok maybe it wont be that bad after all and anyways he does seem to like u he is a nice guy and i had talked to him before so what do i got to loose. So then I told him why not till wendsday and he was like awww why? and i told him that i felt i was not ready and that i wanted to make things good so then he said ok then. When wendsday came i was excited to see him again and be able to kiss someone for the first time:) so eventhough it was last year in october hahaha i still remember it good it will be in my memory forever cause it was special so anyways we both hugged each other and we finally kissed and i was surprised when he told me that im a good kisser i was like wow and really and i thought i was not going to be good at it but the best part was that it was with a nice, caring and understandable guy and im happy for that. We are not together anymore but he will always be my #1 as the first person i kissed.