Monday, January 30, 2012

CorpoVlogs Channel and the reason why Im into blogging a lot now!

So today i want to talk about a favorite youtube channel  that I found out about on youtube they are called CorpoVlogs as you can see it in my blog tittle up above. CorpoVlogs is a video blogging place where all people that create video blogs get together to talk about different types of topics it can be about anything in particular for example a certain type of issue that is going on rioght now around the world, a holiday, friends, love, fashion, a celebrity almost anything you can think of  these bloggers that are involved in CorpoVlogs they will talk about it and make a video of it all at one time. CorpoVlogs started their youtube channel last year in May 23, 2011 the channel of views that right now it currently has is 6,576 views which is a lot more than what my channel has hahaha! its uploadable views is between 12,937 which means that they have done more videos than the one's ive seen so far and the problem is they got erased so I am not able to see them since they were from last year and i still did not know anything about them which sucks because I would really like to see their first video of when they started and the rest of them as well I think that would be cool and interesting:) .
    They are based everywhere in Mexico thats why they are famous there a lot of people watch their videos. What I like about this channel is that for each day a different video blogger is on the channel and they entertain you with their hilarious comments, jokes and acting sure sometimes they can be mean and have a lot of badwords but in the end they talk about real stuff that happens in life and things that are happening so its not only about fun and games and I decided to do a blogg entry about the channel because ever since Ive been seeing their blogging videos Ive been more and more into blogging and making a commitment to myself and my blogg to post a new entry everyday or at least two times a week to improve on it. Ive also realized that blogging or being a blogger is one of the most creative, funnest and great thing you can do being a blogger is not only about posting a new entry each day or every time you can a blogg entry says things about you it can inspire other people that read it in your blog everytime they go to it other times it can help and it can help you express yourself your own voice and show others around the world who you are as a person since there are a lot of things that you can talk about in a blog and I am proud to feel that and to even know it. The Corpovlogs channel has helped me see that and more and im glad that the channel exists eventhoug i dont know the people personally but the only thing i know is that i dedicate this blog entry to them because they have opened my mind to some stuff that I did not even know of and because of the effort and fun that they put on videos they make my day less boring and they make me laugh. Thanks you guys so much!!!:)