Monday, March 5, 2012

Travel through Writing: How Writing Can Literally Help You Achieve Goals

Writing can allow you to enter different worlds and mindsets. Writing is a lot like acting, in that it gives you the chance to "try on" different lifestyles. It is also a productive activity for helping you in the achievement of your life goals.

If you have never thought about your life goals, now is the time to start. No matter what hardship you’re facing, whether it be career or and illness such as mesothelioma, when you have life goals, your life feels a lot easier. You feel a sense of peace in letting out your heart's desires. Everyone has certain desires in their hearts that they would like to become manifested. Escape a grim cancer prognosis by expressing your desires through writing, and make these desires become a reality.

Perhaps you are itching for some romance in your life. No matter what obstacles you currently face in your life, you can achieve some romance in your life through the act of writing. By listing out the qualities of your future partner and envisioning yourself on dates with this partner through writing, you can start to attract this type of person into your life.

Or, maybe you simply want to become wealthier. Maybe you are short on cash. You dream about the conveniences of life that a life of luxury could offer you. You would never have to worry about paying bills again. Being wealthy might even help you achieve other goals, such as losing weight or buying a new home. But for most people, being wealthy would simply add a lot of conveniences into life. So, the way to gain some inspiration and attract wealth into your life is by envisioning it in your life.

Try writing some journal entries about what your life would be like with wealth. What would you do on a typical day? Would you simply meet your friends and family for coffee all day? Would you start a new painting for your home? Would you create an art gallery to display your paintings? There are so many different ways that your life could be turn out with the addition of wealth in your life. Writing gives you the chance to explore these different possibilities and to enjoy each one.

Lastly, writing also helps you gain inspiration in life by appreciating what you already have. Setting goals can be one way to gain a genuine sense of inspiration and motivation, but appreciating what you already have is also key. Appreciating what you already have gives you the sense that everything is already "complete" in your life and that you have no need for something else. When you do not have a sort of desperate need for things like wealth in your life, then they are much more likely to randomly come into your life as you write about them.