Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To the beat of my heart - Hilary duff

To the beat of my heart
Im thinking about letting it out
I wanna give in
I wanna go out
Been looking around Ive
finally found the
rhythm of love the feeling
of sound
Its making a change
the feeling is strange
Its comming right back
Right back in my  range
Not worried about anything else
Im waking up.

To the beat of my heart
It tears us apart.
Now im back to the start

Im up from my down I
turn it around
Im making it back Im not
gonna drown
Im taking a stance I wont
miss a chance
I want you to see im not scared to
The way that you feel could never
be real. I want you to know I finished
the deal
So im saying to you
I'll always be true to the rhythm inside.

To the beat of my heart, the beat of my
heart it tears us apart.