Thursday, March 8, 2012

Boys, Boys Boys

Like who understands them seriously!

I always ask myself this question why do some guys only want to hook up? I mean I know that they only do it for fun but sometimes I just wish
for all of the guys to be the same and you know treat us girls with respect and really see who we are as individuals because we are human beings.
Im not the only girl that has gone thru that I know there are other girls out there who are feeling the same thing as I do and Im tired and sick
of guys that only want to treat me that way. Ive come to realize that I am a wonderful, beautiful, smart, and great girl that deserves more than just a hook up.

I want a guy who wants to make me happy a guy who wants to see the real me you know take me seriously for who I am a guy that is happy with me
when we kiss,cuddle, hold hands nothing more. I know I need to be strong and say no I feel its the right thing to do until I find someone special a guy who likes you
just to hook-up and nothing more is not worth your time because they are not in love with you they dont want to be your bf they are just infatuated by you and thats all.