Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Having a mother with diabetes

Having a mother with diabetes is postive because it has made me realize everything that happens to someone when they have it and help me see that its important to take care of yourself in order to stay healthy. But on the other hand it is sometimes hard mainly because she can not sometimes control her anger when me or someone in the family makes a mistake it's as if she expects me and everyone else in the family to be perfect she does not accept mistakes and sometimes I dont agree with her. But I always try to see the positive side of this situation because she is my mother and eventhough sometimes I have problems with her I still love her and I really admire her for everything that she has done for me. On the other hand it has made me realize that I have to be a strong person and know that sometimes she gets angry at me when something is not right because she cares about me and she wants me to be a better person and have the opportunnities that she did not.  Sometimes it hurts me when she says that she does not expect anything from us when we start living on our own she thinks that we will just forget about her and we might not want to take care of her the way that she took care of us and I dont accept that because she is the one that gaved me life ive always helped her with almost everything Ive always been with her ever since I was born and my real father left me my twin sister and im really lucky and happy to have a mother like her because she has made me the good and smart person that I am today.