Friday, March 23, 2012

He is different:)!

Well I just barely met a guy his name is Edwin I just started messaging him on this website called myyeabook.com because when I saw his pofile and his pictures he seemed like a cute nice guy and when Im et him in person at the mall in whittier he seemed a little bit different from the outside but once whe started talking I got to see his personality and his life and I have to say that it's really interesting and at the same time hard but through it all he has been able to stay stron in order to help his parents, he told me about his parents, what he lies to do for fun, his friends and the jobs he has had in his past. I really felt something different with him something that I did not feel before when I met the last three guys from myyearbook because this time he di not kiss me and he did not talk to e abou hooking up he was just friendly and the good thing is that he asked me alot of questions about myself. He is the frst guy that made the firs move to ask me out on a date and im happy for that, wehave similar interests and he even told me that we should meet again the next time and to message him on myyearbook things that the other three guys never told me so I know this is getting off to a good start.