Thursday, April 26, 2012


Well where can I start its been awhile since I posted something new on here eventhough before I said that I was going to post a certain topic three times each week but I know I havent. But really Ive been busy with my classes and tests ever since last week but it's worth it in the end since I am almost going to finish and get my certificate for administrative assistant ths summer Im hapy for myself Ive ben thrue a lot since this past month and eventhough I seem young on the outside but on the inside I feel a grown up woman I feel different some of the life experiences Ive lived thrue with people that are close to me like my high school friends, church friends, or with people that Ive met they have all shown me what real life is all about. Im glad that I know Justin though because he is the first guy that has ever had true feelings for me for reals he is a real guy not a faker like the others Ive talked to before. I mean he is 19 and yet he is achieving everything he wants he reminded me that in college you are suppossed to be mature now sure there is time to party and have fun but your an adult already that has to face the real life you are not in high school anymore not it's time to be reaponsible and make the right decisions if you want to have a better life he has taught me something important in life and thats why he deserves to be in my blog forever and always because he was special to me and for the fact that I had feelings for him.