Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life is about taking it one step at a time

There is always a time in life when all of us want to be in a rush we tend to lose our own enjoyment of the simple and everyday activities that life puts us in our way. But in order to really grow and become a better person is by starting slow because when we do that is when we really get to understand and our mind processes things more clearly until you have reached your full potential. In life things happen when the right time comes. This also goes for love and relationships a lot of times what happens between between two people is that they may talk to each other for four days and then declare that they are boyfriend and girlfriend and that is like going super fast since you each did not give yourselves some time get more closer to each other and really test first if its going to work out for the better. That's why in my opinion relationships nowadays dont last long or there may end up being alot of problems because of not taking it slow the first time.