Monday, May 28, 2012


Why education is important to me

Education is important to me because ever since I can remember I would think about my future, what I wanted to be wen i grew up, and that I was going to go to college to have a better life for myself and be able to help my family financially that was when I was in midde school I used to have a different view about things but as I grew older that's when cituations changed for me I made different decisions about my future, discovered a new career path and with that the type of college I want to go to it was all in my head. When I was almost in the in the end of my 8th grade year I had to make the change for myself because I really wanted to graduate so at first it wasnt easy especially since math is one of my weakest subjects but I was not going to give up even if math gaved me a hard time but then again nothin gin life is hard sure there are things in life that might be challenging but if you face them with courge in the end it's worht it. I know that im not that smart (smartass) in math but I do hve he drive and inspration to do good in anything that I do and because nothing is impossible there are always ways to solve problems which is what I did in 8th grade I choosed to find ways to fix my grades I was able to graduate with high honors, good GPA plus alot of As. I felt so proud of myself that I made the right desicion and thats what im doing once again for college and this time I know that I will get my administrative assistant certificate.