Saturday, June 9, 2012


This is a poem that a a guy wrote to me his name is Jose I really like it a lot he really does have
a lot of cretivity and talent.

Her names Jennifer
i think ima fall for her
she seems real kool
but i know that
she is not a tool
or perhaps even a fool
gotta keep it honest and
thruthful with

Cuz theres a few out there
with the same world view
i wanna come thrue and be with you,
maybe not today or
tommorrow but one of
these days,
cuz I wanna be dazed looking
at your face
then look out at space.

Just in case we see shooting stars
to make a wish and get
real rich,
moral of the story is
i wont be sorry when I dont
make that wish cuz I already
got my gem
and name is jenn.