Friday, December 14, 2012

Reality TV has changed the entertaintment industry for better or worse

Reality TV was not around in the past it is something that has evolved over the years it is a type of
show that delivers what happens in real life from a real person's point of view. Reality TV. has changed the entertainment industry for the better is by three reasons : real people that see the different type of reality shows can relate to it, give life lessons, help people understand the real side of celebrities.

Some of the best reality TV shows that I would choose that can make people like it and relate to it at the same time would be 16 and pregnant, and catfish these two TV shows are similar for the fact that they are both reality TV shows but in another way their audience of viewers is quite different. 16 and pregnant talks about the life of pregnant teenage girls and the challenges that they have to face in the real world as young mothers which talks good about reality TV because it helps other teen mothers that are going thru the same thing to make good choices it also let's them know that they are not alone. Finally it may also tell other teen girls that it's not good being pregnant at a young age. While for Catfish the show tells stories about individuals that met online started talking to each other out of nowhere and then began to have a relationship online but for some reason they don't meet because the other person does not want to or the other person that you really want to meet might be lying to you without even you noticing it so its a lot of dilemmas that one has to pay attention to.

So in conclusion reality TV has changed for the better why? because it has given real people the chance to express themselves about other people or about a situation that they are dealing with. It has also changed for the better for the fact that it  helps people that are on the show think and reflect on how they can change towards someone or the life challenges that happen moreover it also can change the viewers life forever and see things a whole new way than they did before sure everyone can say their  own point of view and say their own opinions but its the lessons that reality TV shows have that count since those morals can have an impact on people.