Friday, December 21, 2012

The history behind birthstones

The history of how the birthstones became to be is that it came from an ancient time in bible history it starts back with Aaron as told in the bible book of Exodus the breastplate was a place of religion garment that included the twelve gemstones each had a representation of the twelve tribes of the region of Israel. All of these gems as you will notice is that they are set in rows of three as: sardius, topaz, carbuncle; emerald, sapphire (one of my favorites), diamond, ligure, agate, amethyst, beryl, onyx and finally jasper.
So now the question that is popping in my head is how did the gemstones represent the twelve tribes of the region of Israel? well it is all said in the writings of Flavius Josephus plus the ones from St. Jerome these two are what started the whole idea of the 12 stones of breastplace and also the 12 stones of the zodiac. So that's the reason why each stone was meant to have some sort of special powers based on each of their assigned astrological zodiac sign and that if a person was wearing the stone at the right time then that person would have therapeutic or talismanic good.
The birthstone concept
For this to work out you have to have the 12 different gemstones with their zodiac signs on them for each one and also wear the birthstones on the right ascendancy of the time that is set similar to the zodiac tradition that India has which is kind of different because they have 9 gemstones with 9 planets all of their gems are signified by a person's health and each individuals challenges that are faced in their life. People came up with the idea of always wearing the gemstones based on the month of the persons birthday it is said that it came from the 18th century in Poland when some of the Jewish people that would trade the gems came the name of each birthstone were not created until the year of 1912 those names for the stones came from the national association of jewelers in the USA.
The names of each stone have not been changed ever since the year of 1912 but anonymously there have been times before that the names were almost going to change. For example the American gem association in the year of 2002 explained that they had chosen the name of tanzanite for the month of December selling birth gemstones was a way to make business since a lot of people seem to be amazed by the supposed magical powers of these gems.

In the end

A company called TanzaniteOne LTD wanted to use their main name for a birthstone not only that but the company wanted for this gem to be something more than the others they wanted it to be special when they came up with the idea of giving it to every child that was born no matter on what month they were born. TanzaniteOne also came up with the slogan of " Be born to Tanzanite", they also used Masai tribal birth practices as a way to end the production of birthstones.

Some descriptions of two birthstones