Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10 things to do with your friends on Valentines Day

This is why being single rocks!

There are several valentines day activities that you can do with your friends for example one of my first valentines day ideas that i will share with you because when I read about it it just sounded good to my ears OK so here it is

Throw a non valentines day party- This is something really awesome that would really be good to do with friends for this type of party you can cook dinner, play Taboo, do a wine tasting, have a dance contests and see who dances better, have a sex and the city or Gossip girl show marathon watch your favorite episodes with your friends have some girl time who needs guys

My second idea- If you and your friends dont want to spend valentines day indoors then get together with yor girlfriends and some of your guy freinds and you can allgo out to a bar thats in your city there may be one closer that you think its just a matter of searching if you or your friends dont know of a bar nearby then a helpful searching site that you can use is m.bing.com. Also going to a bar is a good idea since a lot of singles go there as a hang out spot so you may never know what can happen there is always a chance to meet someone new.

Third valentine idea- This is something that I picked on my own from my list of ideas you can think of any hobbies that you like to do on your spare time wheter you like to learn to cook new things, try a spin class, take a guitarr lessons or if you want to learn a new languague then go ahead what's stopping you.
Go visit your family- If you haven't been able to go and visit your family for a while then this can be the perfect time to do so and anyways valentines day is also a day to show your relatives some love since they are your family also. If your family lives out of state then you can go and travel to see them you can find good travel deals on Bing.com.

Take a page from your high school days- Just do a random prank call or a prank text to any of your guy friends it can be some that you rencently know or some that you have known since high school.
Netflix a tv show that you like the most- who says you cant watch tv on valentines day well you can spend it in your own way see some episodes of that famous tv show everyone is raving about.
Start reading that book uve been wanting to read- start or finish that book you have been holding off or you have been wanting to read but have not had the time to start it well here is your chance.
Reject romance movies and instead look at funny movies- You can also attend comedy shows go and just laugh your head off besides laughing is also a good excersice and its also good for your mind and reduces your stress levels.

Get organized- Now this is an entirely different idea from the others that I have shared with you but I think that it is still ok organize your things if you do this you will be surprised at how much mess you migh have cluttered in your room. Clean out your closet, take off any unnessesary contacts from your address book or put up those new pictures on your picture album all of these are great ways that can help take away some stress into your life.

Spoil yourself this valentines day- What a better way to spoil yourself than with the things that you love the most some of the things that you can do are go to the movies it does not matter if you go alone at least you will get to see your favorite movie or that hot guy actor you admire, get your nails done,enjoy an ice-cream sunday that is topped with your favortie things, order a mix of your favorite types of food or some that you would liek to try, get a massage or buy yourself a new outfit you will be happy you did in the end.