Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why do people get angry so much?

Are you one of those people that has ever wondered why people get angry a lot? well almost everyone in this world gets angry at one point or another in life anger is part of our emotions also just like when someone feels love, hope, anxiety, sadness, and fear. Anger has two sides a positive side and a negative side firstly positive anger is when it boosts your determination in overcoming challenges and problems on the other hand negative anger is when the person lives it faster, more times, and more intense than others.

When otherwise provoked the angry person may start physical and verbal attacks when this happens it usually means that anger controls them and the most appropriate way is when the person controls the anger this is also usually referred to as problem anger and this type of anger is somewhat dangerous. For example even with smaller issues there can be fights that are caused by the person who has anger issues with this there is grief between themselves and the people around them. As a matter of fact some reports that come from around the world say that almost an increasing number of people have anger problems. There are many existing factors that can cause anger to arise although scientists believe that anger is an emotion that is misunderstood and that all of us react to "anger triggers" something that you should know about anger triggers is that it is something that can frustrate or annoy an individual resulting in injustice or unfairness it can also happen when someone feels insulted disrespected or a threat to our authority and reputation.

nger triggers can happen to anyone they become different from age, culture, and gender the reactions often vary some folks may get angry and then they forget about what they were mad about they let it go while others they become mad easily and stay angry for days, months or even years.
Parental example
Parents are an example for the personality development of their own children in childhood and adolescence. As children grow they start to learn to face their anger by using the same anger behaviour that any member of the family uses a perfect example for this would be a child that lives in a hostile place where his parents get mad for simple smaller matters then the child is going to be like that also as an adult they are going to think that it is OK to get angry at life's problems instead of finding a solution to solve them. In other words anger is like a stain and when the kids experience too much of it they may have anger management problems as adults.
Anger can also be common in cities that are crowded with a large population inhabiting that city getting into some history during the year of 1800 abut 3 percent of the worlds population lived in urban areas. In 2008 the number of people rose to 50 percent and by 2050 it is predicted to go up to 50 percent, and by 2050 it is predicted to go up by 70 percent as a result as time goes by more and more people live in crowded cities and that produces anger problems because of traffic jams, and stress, air pollution, noise, scarce housing, cultural clashes and high crime rates. So it gives residents a reason to lose patience.
Economic problems can also be a factor since almost 210 million people across the globe are predicted to be unemployed and it also affects individuals who do have a job because they might worry of loosing their jobs this leads to thinking of the worst to happen. Prejudice and injustice also contribute to people getting angry for the fact that they face some form of prejudice or racial problems meaning that it limits some persons to have full access to the basic necessities that almost everyone needs like jobs, education, housing.  

How to keep anger under control
If you ever think about it the bible expresses ways to control anger beautifully the bible psalmist David explained "Let anger alone and leave rage: do not show yourself heated up only to do evil". If you ever want to avoid saying or doing something that you might later on regret badly then I would recommend for you to keep yourself cool. There are three ways that you can consider to get your anger under control.
# 1- Decrease anger's Intensity
It's important to relax and go slow on your emotions the first thing that you can do is to stop saying the first things that come to your mind otherwise if you feel the urge to get extremely exaggerating then try to remember this bible quote saying "The beginning of contention is as one letting out waters: so before the quarrel has burst forth, take your leave" (Proverbs 17:14) and when you actually start applying this proverb into your life you will start seeing anger differently.
# 2 - Learn to relax
Another bible saying that will help fix you emotionally, physically, and spiritually goes like this "A calm heart is the life of the freshly organism" (Proverbs 14:30). Using proverbs from the bible plus relaxation techniques will all help your feelings of anger go away. Some of the methods of reducing anger are to:
- Breathe deeply this one probably almost everyone knows it is known to e one of the fastest ways that makes lower your anger intensity.
- Everytime you are breathing deeply repeat words to yourself that are calming but just dont say the words out loud so that way people wont hear them.
- Get yourself into an activity that you fully enjoy doing such as reading, listening to music, gardening or something else like writing in your journal that always helps and it can also be a good therapy.
- Do exercise regularly and eat healthy.
Those are just some of the ways that anyone who finds themselves with anger controlling problems can do. Remember dont let anger get the best of you all of us human beings have the power of stopping anger.