Saturday, June 8, 2013

How to make a DIY pencil cup!

Making your own DIY pencil cup can be creative and economical at the same time because that way you wont have to be worrying about buying one and it can also be good for the environment since you can use an old can to turn it into a useful new object. So have fun making it!
Materials that you will need for this project:
  • 28 ounce can it has to be clean and empty
  • A 12 by 18 inch sheet of construction paper ( of any color)
  • Some scissors
  • A short white paper
  • some colored markers
  • Glue stick
  • Personal photos
  • A colorful plastic or craft tape
First what you have to do is take off the label that was from the can then after that you get the label that you took off from the can in order to sketch the edges of the label in the construction paper. Then you take the sketched rectangle and begin to cut it out of the construction paper just make sure that you leave a bit of extra in the end so that way you can also use it as a leftover for when you wrap the paper around the can to cover the can.
Take a pencil and draw a little rectangle on the white paper after that cut out the rectangle. Then here comes the fun part which is my favorite one just feel free to express yourself you can write a poem, a funny anecdote, or it can also either be your name or the name of the person that you are planning to give it to you can write all of those things inside the small rectangle that you created. One tip to know- is to make sure that the small rectangle is glued in the center of the rectangle that you made in the beginning.
Now if you want to add in any personal pictures that you may have into your pencil cup what I recommend for you to do is to first choose the pictures that you think would be best for the pencil cup holder choose the ones that you like the most. Then cut out the faces and any other images that you might want to include on the pencil holder just remember that if you are making this for you to have fun and just use your imagination create it as how you want it to look like. But if you are doing this as a gift for someone then include pictures that remind you of that person in general for example it can be of the great times that you have had together or any funny moments that make you both laugh out loud. To decorate the pictures you can draw flowers, random patterns, stems and leaves any way you like anywhere around the pictures inside the rectangle with a marker.
Then you take the rectangular shaped construction paper the one that is decorated you wrap it around the can make sure to glue the ends of the paper in the can with the glue stick so it can stick real good into the can. After that you grab a colorful plastic or a craft tape in order to hide the rims that are in the can as a reminder make sure that you fold the edges of the tape from the inside or under the can in order for you not to see the edges of the can.
Here comes the final step for this DIY project once you are done giving the final touches to your pencil cup now you can put all of the pencils, pens, or markers that you want and free yourself from any clutter of pens that you had in the past.