Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to create a 80's leopard nail art

To begin with......

If you are really into manicure art and you want to try something totally different then this one is for you I assure you your nails will look fantastic in this bright purple, teal and totally 80's leopard nail art.

What you will need for this tutorial

1) a nail polish with the name of color club Pucci-licious which is purple.
2) Milani fresh neon teal a hot pink color
3) OPI DC cherry blossom
4) A Knoad plate m57 and Konad special polish in black - Konad is such an easy thing to use when creating your nail art and it is also consistent.
You add in the purple then the color green.
You add in the purple then the color green.

How to start......

You don't have to use the Konad for this nail art if you don't feel like it that is what you can use and in my opinion is much more easier are a less expensive nail art pen the ones you can buy at a drugstore or at Wal-Mart for a lower price or either you can choose to use a black nail polish and you will also need a toothpick in order to shape the leopard circles.
Another fact is when creating this 80's nail art look some nails are only purple and some are teal so each nail is set on its own color which looks really awesome it may also seem kind of random I don't know if it does but that is how it appears to me in appearance so hope you can figure it out somehow someway. Then after that you add in the pink dotted spots by using a dotted tool so you can add some color to the leopard art the rest is then coated with a Seche Vite then on the side I recommend you to use a perfect formula gel coat that is lieu for the base coat since it is a great treatment for your nails.:)