Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to make a necklace out of a Sobe bottle cap

How to start off doing your first bottle cap necklace

One thing that I did not know about these Sobe bottle cans is that under each bottle cap there is a message of some sort about love, happiness, life in general and the reason of why I did not know about this before is because I've never drank a Sobe drink before sure I have only seen them before in ads in the street and in stores but that is it. Now that I know about this I am more motivated to buy one to taste it and see if they are really good.
Next step......

After you have finished with the whole of choosing your own cap inspirational phrase and decoration now comes the time to start building the necklace. First off you need to make a hole on top of the bottle cap a way that you can do this is by taking a metal rod and have it placed over the flames of the oven but make sure to move the lid as fast as you can while the lid is still warm when you are finished with that part it's time to get the hole ready with a plastic cover utilizing a safety pin go all the way while you are doing this process you can use a small knife and a wedge hole remember - the hole has to be good in size so that your chain is able to fit properly.
Make your bottle cap necklace look interesting not boring.
Make your bottle cap necklace look interesting not boring.
I you want with the scissors you can have the option to take away the rim off from the lid that way it makes your necklace more comfortable to wear and it also makes it look cuter. If you do end up doing this step then have a file at hand so that way you can take away any of the rough spaces that the cap may have but in my opinion I suggest that you do this since the rough spots in the cap are sharp and can otherwise hurt you in your skin while wearing it.
For the end of this creative necklace jewelry making.......

You can go on and by taking a cord you make a knot and tie it properly and tight so it wont come loose another object that you can use is a safety pin to tie it with a piece of string or somewhere else where you can be able to stick to it well.

Different projects that you can do with bottle caps

Precaution instructions that you must follow

When starting and while working on this necklace its important not to ignore the rules in order for the project to come out right, how you want it and for safety reasons.
Some of the things that can happen when not paying attention

  • You risk the chance of cutting yourself accidentally
  • The rod that is made out of metal can become hot so if you touch it by mistake you can burn yourself.
  • Really check that you do not stab your hand when doing this.

Materials that you will need

  • A bottle top
  • Metal Rod
  • Some scissors
  • Chain of some sorts (which ever type of chain you have available is fine)
  • Lot's of safety
  • Finally a safety pin

Make your own playdough

To begin with playdough is one of the easiest toys that you can make at home even the children can make some playdough also In the following I will share with you some instructional information on what you have to do in order to make non-toxic playdough that is safe and fun for kids.
The classic way of making play-dough is when you do it on a stovetop the thing that is usually most preffered when making playdough is that it becomes soft when it is cooked than when it is not.
Something to beware of- to make sure that your dog or any other pets that you may have around at your house are in the kitchen where you are doing the playdouhg because interstingly playdough smells like people food when it is being made and it also has a ton of salt on it and if a dog eats alot it the dog can have a abnormal salt imbalance on the system.
These are some of the things you need to make the playdough.
These are some of the things you need to make the playdough.


  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 cup salt
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoons cream tartar (this gives of some elasticity to the playdough)
  • food coloring ( liquid, powder, or unsweet drink mix for color)
Stir and keep on stirring the playdough mix
Stir and keep on stirring the playdough mix
This is how it looks like after the stirring is done.
This is how it looks like after the stirring is done.
Once you have mixed all of the ingredients together that is when you start to stir the play-dough in low flame you will notice that the play-dough will thicken and that it will look like mashed potatoes. If you start to see that the dough is clumping in the center you can take away the pan that is from the heat and let the dough cool enough. If you notice that the play-dough is sticky that means that it still needs to be cooked longer keep on stirring it and cooking it till it gets more dryer and feels more as a play-dough when you do that you will see the results.
The next step that begins after cooking and making the play-dough comes the kneading and the coloring of the play-dough. What needs to be done for this is you get the dough out into a silicone mat begin by kneading vigorously till the dough turns silky smooth then separate the balls of play-dough so that the coloring part can take place.

From the beggining to start coloring
From the beggining to start coloring
Till the end!:)
Till the end!:)

How to color the playdpough

To start out first you have to make a divot at the very center of the ball and then let a single drop of food coloring go all the way to the bottom of the clay then go ahead and fold the dough over to get all of the food coloring to spread in all of the play-dough. Make sure that as you are doing the coloring that the food coloring liquid does not stain into your skin keep it away from your hands and the counter also for protection of the hands use some gloves or either a plastic wrap so you can keep your hands clean the concentrated dye coloring will be the only one that may color the skin so when the coloring liquid is well dried into the dough that is when you can touch the play-dough with your hands.
Tip- For the play-dough to have enough color you have to add as much of the food coloring into the dough as much as possible so that the color can be see good and get darker.
The last but not least step is one of the fun most waited parts of this whole project is when the children finally have a chance to play with the play-dough create whatever they want play with the dough and have lots of fun. Something that you and your kids can also do with the play-dough is create different figurines for the holidays or simply just for entertainment and decorations the main most important thing is that everyone can use their imagination and have a great time.