Monday, June 9, 2014

My thoughts about the movie Maleficient

Hello guys I hope everyone is doing well I have been doing fine also lately on June 5 I went to the theater to see a movie with my twin sister and my church friends as well it was fun being there and getting to see everyone again after a long week of being busy with our important chores. So as I was watching the beginning of the movie I had the chance to get to know Maleficent more to me she is a fairy of nature for the fact that during the movie she is surrounded by nature a lot and by animals she also shows a deep love for it which is something that I admire from her a lot. There is also something else that I learned from the movie is that in life if you do something bad to another person it will come back to you no matter if it's a friend, your parents, older people or even your siblings. It also showed how the friendship of a human being and a fairy was changing thru the years from a close and beautiful one to a tragic and unhappy one and the reason that Maleficent got a lot of anger over the person that was her best friend from childhood was because of all of the bad things that he did to her but she still forgave him which makes her a noble fairy. In the ending of the movie Maleficent recovers her powerful wings back that her new enemy that was once her best friend took away from her, she was able to defeat him and bring back to life the place that she had always known that existed.

All in all I think the movie was great I was kind of surprised thou because this was the first time I saw Angelina Jolie in a Disney movie before I used to only see her in action movies ( like for example Salt but that's another movie) she actually acted good in it. For a rating I give it a 10 out of 10 I recommend this movie to anyone that likes magical Disney movies:)