Friday, May 23, 2014

Trust in God

" Surrender your whole being to him to be used for righteous purposes".
                                                                      - Romans 6:13 

How the year 2014 is going for me, summer plans and my spiritual life:)

Well how is everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing fine. For one thing I am
because the year 2014 for me has gone to a good start Ive been busy working
at Macy's part-time it was a seasonal job for the holidays:-) but it was still good.
I got to meet new people and I got to have  the chance of knowing in depth about
How it is to work in the retail industry and doing customer service. Eventhoug I did not
get to stay as a permanent worker like how I wanted to I am still glad that at least I stayed
there for a couple months and earn enough money for my spring medical assisting classes.

Some of my summer plans are to continue with my medical assisting classes because I really want to
finish and get a certificate by the end of this year, start selling bracelets that I am making I want to share
my creations with the world, hang out with my family, meet new people and possibly continue working again I certainly don't want to stop working somewhere and I am not going to give up on searching for a job because I know I will get one somehow there is a job for me out there I am going to keep having faith and
think positive in my mind.

The third thing that I want to share with you guys is some of my spiritual life I am catholic/ christian they are both the same thing and last year me and my twin sister we both decided to join this youth group from a church that we go to the church is called St Angela Merici and I absolutely love that church a lot and the people that attend as well to me that place is like a second home<3:) and well now back to the youth group its for teens and young adults the group is called Saltee or nights at the pier and by the moment me and my sister first joined we felt and saw gods love for us it was a very wonderful and beautiful thing some high school teens and other college kids like me and my twin sister plus some adults that are in charge they all wanted to get to know us good they accept us by who we are no one in there judges and we all get to learn about god and get close to him all I have to say is that I am blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be a part of that awesome group and I do thank god a lot for that. I have met new people while going to the group meetings on Thursday's and I have learned new things that I did not know about god and life before I have also been to a couple of events with my church friends anyways I would not change it for the world it just makes me think that every church that exists in the world should have a youth and young adult group it would help more young people to get more closer to god and build a friendship with him that lasts a lifetime.