Friday, May 30, 2014

7 Crystals that you need to bring love into your life

Believe it or not crystals are stones that are full of energy these crystals are used in many objects that have them for example in jewelry, clocks, as well as in computers they can also help us in our personal life. As you can know each different crystal carries and gives off a unique energy for several reasons for example some crystals vibrate at the universal energy of love colors are also a factor for crystals the pink and green crystals will help you attract more love into your life. The following is a list of crystals and stones that can help bring love, light, and healing into your life.

Rose Quartz-
These rose quartz are in the color of pink it lets love come into your life by opening your heart it also reminds the person that has it that they are worthy of love and respect. What you can do to keep this stone is you can wear it as a necklace or you can just simply have it on your bedside where you sleep in order for you to remember that love is by your side.

For the malachite stone the beautiful green swirls that it contains help keep away hurtful memories this green stone works to clear off any painful heartache and therefore make room for new love to come to you. Sleep with this stone on your heart chakra you can also wear this stone as a jewelry pendant necklace next to your heart or under your pillow if you choose to both ways will work.

Rhodochrosite -
The beautiful pink colors with the white lines help to get together the different aspects of each persons personality so that way we can learn to love ourselves because it is the only way that you can bring love into your life and to bring authentic true love rhodochrosite helps you appreciate yourself it also tells you that you deserve love health and happiness.

Rhodonite -
In the rhodonite stone the pink and black colors of this stone tell that the matters of the heart sometimes are painful to keep inside rhodonite is the stone of forgiveness which can help you let go of any situation from a past relationship with an attitude of love and forgiveness it also cleans your aura of hurt, anger, regret, and bitterness.
Green Aventurine -
The green aventurine is known as the stone of love and luck carrying this tone with you will increase your confidence and your luck at attracting new love into your life it's also known as the stone crystal that carries abundance. So if you are looking to have some financial gain into your life then you can put this tone into your wallet to have financial resources

Apache Tear -
This stone which is also known as an obsidian is said to drink away all of the depression that one person may have inside their soul, it also takes off any grief or pessimistic feelings. Some legends of the Apache tear say that the Apache woman and children would witness their men dying while in battle in order to defend their land and how they lived their own life it is also said that they cried a sea of tears by then those tears would get hard and turn into these obsidian stones which were then called Apache tears. Some legends say that if you hold a Apache tear you will never feel sadness again. Have this stone with you at all times so it can help to disappear any sad feelings that you may have inside your heart and soul.

Citrine -
Citrine is one of the joyous crystals there is because of it's yellow color it is known as the stone of success it also helps you feel empowered, confident and sure of yourself If you want any of these feelings then have in hand this stone or wear it so that way your self esteem grows , your confidence and joy for yourself.

                                      A rose quartz which is said to bring love into your life.