Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Summer is almost over, back to school, and my summer reflection :-)"

Well my summer has been the best so far in my opinion better than the one from last year 
I mean last years summer was okay but it wasnt better as this summer has been. First up I got to  take a summer class at the college that I am going it was medical terminology I  am 
studying to become a medical assistant I like helping people a lot so this is one of the classes that I need to take for the certificate It was only a six week class full of quizzes, memorization of medical words and lots of reading but in the end all of the hard work was worth it because I passed the class with a B and I was so proud of myself so that was the first highlight of my summer.

Second was going to Santa Monica beach with my family  for the fourth of july
 It was a really hot day it took me and my family three hours to get there but 
being in the car was really fun the music on the radio made it less boring and we 
Kept on singing song, talking, and seeing the places of Los Angeles. Being at the beach
was way more adventurous sure it was packed of people but it was still good thats when I 
first wore my first bikini I actually liked it. I had a lot of fun getting wet with my brother and 
sisters as well as eating with my family and seeing the attractions that Santa Monica has it was well indeed a great fourth of july :-) 

My third highlight of the summer is probably one of my most biggest highlights of all not that i did not like other ones that I mentioned above but this one is somewhat special because it was my first time going to San Diego for a  youth and young adult retreat conference I went with my church group friends it was a really awesome experience I will 
never forget it.  I am really thankful to god at the same time for letting me live this opportunity to get closer to him and to see what a retreat is the youth and young adult conference was held at the university of  San Diego and let me tell you I really loved that 
college from the start its really huge and spacious with fountains and church cathedrals
those were my favorite sights to see.  

Meanwhile I got to stay in a dorm room from the college with my twin sister and three 
other girls I had not known the two girls that were in there also but it was fun talking to them and getting to know each other. I got to get to know jesus crist more and about my faith by singing and by reflecting on the different talks that were given. Doing adoration was 
really beautiful it was a time when I was able to talk to god as a friend tell him about my life and pray to him it also made me realize the tremendous love he has for me:-) and I feel good to know that. 

Well that is how my summer has been so far I  just felt like I had to post it because I had a lot to say and I wanted to share it with you my friends. I cant believe  college classes are about to start again next tuesday time does fly by fast but that is how life is anyways I already have my textbooks ready and my school materials and I am ready to face the new semester with optimism and faith I know I can do it.